Return to Sagaia: Reimagining a Classic Tale

Né láal dal á né.

“He is not a tame Lion.”

In “Return to Sagaia,” the land of Narnia, created by the brilliant C.S. Lewis, is reimagined with a modern, pagan, feminist perspective. This is not a retelling, but a reworking of the beloved classic from the ground up. It’s a satirical yet dramatic adventure that nods to the long-standing tradition of parody in fantasy (Gulliver’s Travels; Terry Pratchett).

In this book, I’ve tried to create depth and verisimilitude with layers of metatext. Lewis is cast as an agent tasked with organizing the papers of Professor Donald Churwick, who discovered the land of Sagaia and sought to share his findings. In order to protect the identities of himself and the children who journeyed with him, he changed all the names throughout the books. Thus, for example, he changed “Sagaia” (which means “Land of the Seer” in Sagaian) to “Narnia” (naming it after the Norns of Norse myth).

The first installment introduces Sarah Patrick, a woman who has suffered greatly, losing almost her entire family in a tragic train accident. Engaged to be married, she yearns for a normal life, but things take a dramatic turn when she has a falling out with her husband and wanders through London, eventually encountering a real-life witch.

The first installment, complete with illustrations, is available on Patreon at the $5 tier, with additional 5-10K word installations releasing monthly. I would be honored if you would join me on this journey.

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