I tend to write fanfic in a burst of inspiration, in order to sort of “reply” to another author’s work. It happens if I feel like something is missing or incomplete, some important questions left unanswered, and I feel compelled to try and answer them.

Harry Potter and the Hourwick of Oz (2019)

The Harry Potter books are amazing, but there were always certain aspects of the worldbuilding that struck me as weird. Where did the wizard magic come from? Why was it passed down from parents to children (but not always)? It didn’t really act like a genetic thing; and anyway, having “genetics” as an explanation for magic was quite unsatisfying. And what was the deal with house elves? Hermione’s attempts to liberate them are an important part of the books, but that just serves to lampshade the problem: it’s not clear why some wizard families have them and not others, and why the house elves are willing to serve wizards (despite the fact that it seems like elves are much more powerful than wizards), and why giving them clothing frees them, even if they don’t want to be freed. My attempt to answer these questions led to Harry Potter and the Hourwick of Oz, which is all done, and I’m quite pleased with it, and you can read it all free here. You can also download a free ebook version here.

Return to Sagaia (in progress)

I loved Narnia as a place (and even worked on my own “Encyclopedia of Narnia” for a while, and considered putting together a Narnian Tarot Deck); but as literature it’s… extremely flawed. The militarism, sexism, and so on in it make the books difficult to even read as an adult. With Return to Sagaia, I wanted to write a book that would somehow redeem the other books — that would place the militarism, sexism, and weird mix of pagan and Christian elements into a context where it would make sense, and ring more true. That’s still a work in progress.