Axon, Inc.

Revisions Complete, Beta Released

Just a quick update here:

  • I finished the final revisions to the beta version at 1 AM on Nov. 4.
    • First sentence: Walden hefted the SCAR to his shoulder and gently switched the safety off.
    • Last sentence: The other man, unhurt, knelt beside him, crying.
    • Total words: 104,730
    • Total chapters: 14
    • Total scenes: 58
    • Pages (if the book were a paperback): 280
    • Chapter Titles:
      • After Lubumbashi
      • The Opposite of Secret
      • Honey’s Master
      • Fallout from Argus
      • Stay in the Tree
      • Crossings
      • Ethics
      • Ghosts in the Machine
      • Outing
      • Fall
      • Iceland
      • Visions
      • My Turn to Go Mad
      • Fiery Dreamer
    • Ten most common words (that aren’t closed-class, or character names):
      • people
      • mind
      • thought
      • work
      • feed
      • eyes
      • head
      • technology
      • model
      • military
  • I sent the draft out to my beta readers last night. Many thanks to them all!
  • The fifth sample chapter, “Mt. Si”, is now available for preview on Wattpad.
  • And here’s the cover!

Axon Inc cover

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