Axon, Inc.

Revisions Status: One Week To Go!

I have to admit, I’m pretty excited. It’s been a little over two years since I had the initial idea for Axon, Inc., and at last, the revisions are very, very close to being finished. I have twelve scenes to review and rewrite, and I should be done with these by Halloween night. Then it’ll be ready…

Ready for my beta readers! In software, the “beta” version is the version that you release to a limited audience, to work out the final bugs. I think Axon, Inc. is ready for that. I have four people who have kindly offered to enter my strange near-future, and travel alongside Walden Reathall and Logan Byrnes as they try to surf the wave of the new technology, telepathic computing. Many thanks and gratitude to them!

If you’re curious and want to join their select number, drop me a line and let me know! In the meantime, there are now three sample chapters available on Wattpad (“Lubumbashi“, “Pwinter“, and “SIGNAL FOUND“), and a fourth (“I Won’t Let You”) coming up on Wednesday.

I’m thrilled to finally share this quixotic project with everyone. Enjoy!

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