Cnitnánsi is the name of the time period just before the impact at the K/T boundary. Also, collectively, the name of the human cultures stranded there by an accident from the late twenty-first century. From Old IM Citási, Early C Critási, English Cretaceous.

In the late twenty-first century, during the first flush of exploration with time traveling engines, teams of scientists were regularly sent to various points in the past to gather data and perform experiments. The scientific consensus at the time was that, so far as could be observed, the present could not be changed by altering the past, except in very limited ways. A group of about 250 researchers was sent to explore the earth’s ecology and climate a million years before the asteroid impact at the K/T boundary (the impact that killed the dinosaurs).

Unfortunately, the scientists arrived much closer to the time of impact than intended — only a few thousand years before, by their best guess. And they immediately lost contact with the base in modern times.

They were never retrieved. The scientists eventually gave up hope that they might be rescued, and settled down to build a civilization among the jungles and dinosaurs of the ancient past. …All the while knowing that within a few thousand years, they and all their works and descendants would be destroyed in a cataclysmic extinction event.

Cultures of the time period:

  • Iómr Mnór, the People of the Book, inhabiting Greenland.
  • Sasrâl, the Six United Chiefdoms, inhabiting Scandanavia and the islands in the Yosrail Sea that covers Europe.
  • Ómnurrir, the People of Spirit, inhabiting North America.
  • Encyclopedia of the Cnitnánsi period.


The Earth’s Arctic, 66 Million Years Ago

The map above (which I put together using this excellent online mapmaking tool) shows the Arctic regions of the Earth in the Cnitnánsi period. The directional star sits at the North Pole, not far from the northern shores of Gnial (Greenland). North America is to the left, Europe to the right and below, and Asia up and to the right.